Power Under Control – LUKAS E3

Power Under Control – LUKAS e3 Rescue Tools

Spreaders and Cutters, Combination or Combi Tools) and Rams are amongst the range of LUKAS rescue tools that are commonly used in emergency response situations, such as rescuing people from vehicles after accidents. These tools are often part of a set of hydraulic rescue tools known as the LUKAS “jaws of life.”

Hydraulic spreaders are devices designed to create a gap or space between two objects. They generate a powerful spreading force and are used to pry apart objects, such as vehicle doors, to provide access to trapped individuals.  Hydraulic cutters, often referred to as hydraulic shears or rescue cutters, are tools designed to cut through strong materials like metal, reinforced steel, and other debris. These tools use hydraulic pressure to power sharp blades that can easily slice through these materials. In rescue situations, they are used to cut through vehicle frames, pillars, and other obstacles to free trapped individuals.

eDRAULIC Innovation

eDRAULIC technology represents an advancement in the design and functionality of hydraulic rescue tools used by emergency responders, such as firefighters and rescue teams. The “e” in eDRAULIC typically stands for “electric” or “electronic,” indicating that these tools incorporate electronic components and innovations alongside traditional hydraulic systems. Some of the key features that are often associated with eDRAULIC technology include:

  1. Cordless Operation: eDRAULIC tools are often designed to operate cordlessly, using battery-powered electric systems instead of being tethered to a hydraulic pump. This can provide greater mobility and flexibility for rescue teams.
  2. Integrated Electronics: These tools may include advanced electronic controls and sensors that help optimize their performance, monitor tool conditions, and provide feedback to the user.
  3. Efficiency and Power Management: eDRAULIC tools may incorporate power management systems to ensure efficient use of the battery while maintaining high performance levels during rescue operations.
  4. Instant Start: The tools are designed for instant activation without the need for manual pumping or connection to a hydraulic power source.
  5. Portability and Ease of Use: The cordless and compact design of eDRAULIC tools can make them easier to transport and maneuver in tight spaces, enhancing their usability during rescue operations.
  6. Interchangeable Batteries: Some eDRAULIC systems offer interchangeable batteries, allowing for continuous use by quickly swapping out depleted batteries with fully charged ones.

e3 Power Under Control

The e3 series of LUKAS Rescue Tools represent the innovation in eDRAULIC rescue equipment.

The  e3 rescue tool series includes a range of hydraulic cutting, spreading, and ramming tools that are powered by hydraulic pumps. These tools are designed to be lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to transport to the site of an emergency.

One of the key features of the Lukas e3 rescue tools is their high performance. The tools are designed to have a high power-to-weight ratio, which allows them to easily cut through metal, concrete, and other materials. This means that emergency responders can quickly and efficiently gain access to people who are trapped or injured, which can help to save lives.

Another important feature of the Lukas e3 rescue tools is their safety. The tools are designed with safety features that protect both the emergency responders and the people they are trying to rescue. For example, the tools are designed to prevent overloading, which reduces the risk of injury to the operator. The tools are also equipped with safety valves that prevent the tool from accidentally releasing pressure.  A highlight of the e³ rescue equipment series is the intelligent dashboard, which enables a direct exchange between user and equipment. This provides the operator with more control during the operation through the different performance indicators on the display. This makes rescue operations smarter, safer and more efficient.


Icon_Salzwasser SALTWATER

With the blue LUKAS e3 battery, rescue operations in saltwater at depths of 3m for up to 60 minutes are no longer an issue. The saltwater icon will illuminate on the dashboard to confirm that a saltwatercompatible battery has been inserted.

Icon-Leistung POWER

The power indicator scale shows the pressure range the tool is operating in during use and provides information about the remaining power resources.

Icon-Temperatur TEMPERATURE

The temperature indicator alerts the user to the possibility of the tool overheating.

Icon-Turbo TURBO

To work even faster, the e3 series has a turbo mode that can be easily controlled via the star grip. The user can activate turbo mode by fully activating the star grip all the way to the right. The matching icon on the dashboard remains illuminated as long as the tool is being used in turbo mode.

Icon-Kapazita-t CAPACITY

The rescue tool communicates with the LUKAS rescue battery via built-in software and provides the user with information about the battery’s remaining capacity. The charge level indicator is used to simplify monitoring of the battery’s remaining capacity and ensures that the user can swap out the battery in a timely manner.

Icon-Sterngriff STAR GRIP

When the star grip is turned, the respective direction indicator lights up as long as the grip is turned in this direction. It shows the user at the moment of the work step whether the device is currently opening or closing.


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