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Packexe SMASH® self-adhesive film secures glass for fast and safe vehicle extrication. Protects the rescue team and casualties from glass fragments and dust, while maintaining visibility. Packexe SMASH® manages glass so effectively that it can stay in place while extrication work continues. Results show that the Packexe SMASH system virtually doubles the strength of glass, averaging a 42% reduced risk of glass breaking.

​Globally renowned for their innovative range of films that are widely used in rescue and healthcare applications, Packexe have developed the Infection Control System which is a single-use film specifically designed for smaller applications with a medium-strength adhesive that is easy to apply, even when wearing disposable gloves, and will leave no residue when removed.

The dispenser can be mounted to a wall or desk and enables frontline professionals to simply detach an Infection Control Sheet by tearing along the perforations and applying to the surface. This allows for multi surface covering of high contamination areas such as mobile devices and medical PDA’s, digital equipment, and light switches amongst a host of other uses, without cross contamination of surfaces.

Packexe IC2

Packexe Glass Management Systems

Protecting rescue teams and casualties; Packexe® SMASH holds glass in place, reducing the risk of injury and infection from glass fragments and dust. Packexe SharpsWrap ensures that any sharp edges or points are covered thus increasing operator and casualty safety.

Packexe Smash Glass Management in operation

Packexe SharpsWrap in operation

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