​There are a number of safety concerns surrounding the unexpected movement of an EV that has been involved in an accident, or where technicians are working on a vehicle, which has led to the development of the EV Emergency Plug, a tool that disables the vehicle and creates a safer working environment.

The EV Emergency Plug is the latest addition to the PT Rescue portfolio,  specially designed to be inserted into the vehicle charging point to disable the drive system and battery to allow safer access to the vehicle.  The plug is becoming regarded as a game changer in risk mitigation and prevention by emergency services and automotive groups throughout Australia and the world.

PT Rescue is the Exclusive Distributor for the Emergency Plug in Australia & New Zealand, which includes the new 2nd generation unit containing new technology that is vastly superior to the 1st generation unit.

PT Rescue is the only company that can provide full sales & service support for the product with the complete backing of the manufacturer

The difference between the 1st generation (R07), with the name EPHlEUl and the 2nd generation R08 model, with the name EPH2EU1, is that the R08 type 1 and type 2 both have their own control.

In exceptional cases, type 1 showed some instability which has been overcome in the 2nd generation model by incorporating a separate control mechanism.

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