TSI Fire Appliance Flow Meters

Low Pressure Delivery Solution
Incoming & Delivery Solution
The LP Delivery Solution increases operator safety when the branch is out of sight, as is often the case in high rise incidents. The system also makes more efficient use of the pump.

LP, HP & Incoming Solution
This solution includes all the benefits of the Low Pressure and Incoming Delivery Solution with the addition of high pressure hose reel flow meters and the ability of hydrant to pump intake flow meters

Marine Use Flow Meter
Used extensively offshore by Oil & Gas Companies the Marine Flow Meter is ideal for use in marine environment with foam compounds.

Flowpod 3000
Designed for in line use, connected directly to the low pressure outlet on a pump or between to hose lengths this system provides accurate and reliable flow and volume measurements

Water Smart Information System (WSIS)
Enables live and up to date water data from all fire pumps fitted with a TSI Flow Meter

Delivering different flow rates
Managing water demand and supply
Understanding water consumption
Delivering accurate flow rates to branch operators
Increasing fire fighter safety
Using WSIS to improve strategic command
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