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The Bridgehill car fire blanket is designed to contain and extinguish both Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Electric Vehicle (EV) fires.

This innovative product represents a totally new, eco-friendly way of fighting vehicle fires and containing Lithium-ion battery fires keeping harmful toxins and smoke away from people and the environment by isolating the fire and the Bridgehill 6x8-metre fire blanket can withstand temperatures of 1500 ℃ for 48 hours.

The blanket is pulled over the burning vehicle by two people so the fire can be contained and eventually extinguished. and comes in two versions. The professional version is a multiple-use blanket for fire departments and similar organisations. The standard version is a single-use blanket for locations with a high concentration of cars, such as car dealerships, parking garages, car ferries and car repair shops.

The car fire blanket keeps smoke, toxic fumes and flames contained,  preventing toxins from escaping into the environment. In many cases, firefighters can avoid using water, which leads to hazardous substances seeping into the groundwater. The fire blanket is highly effective for both ICE vehicles and EVs. You can gain control of the situation quickly and extinguish an ICE vehicle fire in just minutes, reducing the risk of the fire spreading to other vehicles.

The blanket covers and contains the fire for electric vehicle fires until it runs its course  - which can take 24 to 48 hours. ​Since lithium-ion batteries do not respond to traditional fire extinguishers, the car fire blanket is the only proven method of dealing effectively with EV fires without water. It is now recommended that an EV vehicle damaged in an accident, even with no fire present, whilst being transported to a workshop or car yard should be stored in the open and away from other vehicles for over 48 hours. With the new Bridgehill car fire blanket EV vehicles can be safely transported and housed whilst the stored energy inside the battery dissipates and limits the fire risk.

See how the Bridgehill Fire Blanket can ​isolate a Lithium-Ion Battery fire...

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