At the recent Dutch Automotive Innovation Awards, the EV Emergency plug was awarded the honours for the category featuring the best new safety products in the market.

The Emergency Plug quickly creates a safe working environment for First Responders or Automotive technicians to safely work on or around an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Developed by former firefighters, the EV Emergency Plug can immobilise a vehicle in seconds by inserting it into the charging port of the vehicle.

The Emergency-Plug communicates with the car’s software by making the car think it is being charged. As a result of this, it will not be possible for the car drive off preventing unexpected movement. Every E-car and Hybrid has a mandatory built in safety feature which will prevent the car from being operated once the car is being charged. The Emergency Plug still allows access to all 12-volt electric operations including seat and window movement.

The drive system of electric vehicles is extremely quiet in comparison to internal combustion engines, which can make it very difficult for people working nearby to know whether a vehicle is safely disabled. One of the most innovative features of the EV Emergency plug is its notification light. It only takes seconds after insertion for the light to turn blue, indicating that the vehicle is safely immobilised – seconds that are vital in a potentially life-threatening road crash rescue scenario.  For roadside assistance, towing and automotive servicing professionals, the EV Emergency plug also ensures a safe working environment for all personnel dealing with electric vehicles.

Powered by standard AA size batteries, the handheld unit is compact, portable, housed in its own specially designed carrying case, and equipped with the universally standard Type 1 & Type 2 charging interfaces, to suit all makes and models of electric vehicles, plus a handy tool  for manually opening the vehicle charging port cover.

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