Paratech – Vehicle Stabilisation Essentials

The Paratech Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) has a maximum load of up to 18.144 kg with a 4:1 safety factor. This kit can cover everything from small vehicles to larger commercial vehicles.

Featuring two struts,  up to 3 ft (91 cm) extensions and high load capacity, the Standard VSK can create an A-Frame stabilisation triangle to limit load shift during rescues on nearly any sized vehicle.

With 4 specialty ratchet straps and the 12″ (30 cm) hinged base with anchor ring, you can attach two straps to each base, giving a second stability triangle connecting the strut base to the load.

J-Hooks are also provided to ensure that you can find purchase points. The multi-base can attach to the vehicle through the sharp contact points on either side, cradle a vehicle purchase point in its V-shaped design, or even attach through a chain sling.

The Paratech Standard VSK is an exceptional base kit for rescue teams to ensure vehicle stability in road crash rescue operations and can easily be supplemented with additional components from the range to build additional future capability .

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