Packexe Glass Management


Packexe Smash is a self-adhesive film that can be quickly applied to shattered windows to help prevent further fragmentation and protect rescuers and occupants from sharp edges. It is commonly used by first responders during rescue operations to safely and efficiently manage glass debris.

Utilising the Packexe glass management system improves the speed of access to vehicle occupants as there is no need to forcibly break and remove it; glass can be left in place during extrication.

The film is applied using a dispenser that rolls the film over the broken glass, cutting it to the appropriate size and shape. Once in place, the film adheres to the glass, holding it together and preventing it from falling into the vehicle or injuring those nearby.

A proven solution for glass management, tests show that the strength of glass is almost doubled with the application of Packexe SMASH, reducing the risk of breakage by approximately 42%.

Packexe SMASH can be applied in seconds by just one person, providing control and speed. The specifically formulated adhesive holds glass upon shattering and provides secure grip in all weather conditions. The adhesive film is perforated at every 100mm, ensuring that it is easily dispensed from the roll, providing accurate application and reducing wastage.

Overall, Packexe Smash is an effective tool that helps emergency responders quickly and safely manage broken glass in vehicle extrications, reducing the risk of injury to both the occupants and rescuers.


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